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Hello, I've been researching on Master's in Ethics. 

Well there simply aren't many colleges that offer degrees on Ethics. If they do, it's in conjunction with Theology or something. 

Please recommend some places for me if any of you happen to know some. 


Also, do most colleges require for you to have bachelor's degree in the same(or close enough) subject? 

I found some colleges in Germany and Netherlands but that was the qualification for the admission - Sadly, I am not Philosophy or Ethics major ;(

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This is simply false, and Duns Eith has given you a good resource for starting your search.

I think the problem might be that you're looking for the wrong credential. You're looking for a Master's in Ethics, as though that were a special credential. While a few programs may offer such a thing, what you're actually looking for is a Master's degree from a philosophy department. In the course of completing that credential, you can choose to specialize in ethics. So what you need to do is identify philosophy departments which will offer you a funded MA, and which have research strengths in ethics.

There are also quite a few bioethics Master's degrees, if that's what you're after. These are usually aimed at people who want to continue into a clinical environment (these people often have or are hoping to get some kind of medical qualification too, although it's not necessary). As a result, it's a degree that usually skews more to the practical than the theoretical. But there are lots of them around, and the job prospects are OK.

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