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USMC Captain -> MBA


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Hi everyone,

I'm an active duty US Marine Captain living in San Diego. I did a Labor Relations BS at Cornell as undergrad, graduating in 2011, and I've been flying helicopters for Uncle Sam since then. I'm about to start my last assignment prior to separating, which is a very laid back, non deploying billet in SoCal, which frees up a ton of time for personal development (read: looking at grad school/test studying..). I'm looking towards the future which my wife and I agree doesn't involve further military service. I've always been interested in applying my Post-911 GI Bill towards school, but I'd be lying if I'd said to this point there's a particular field that's really stood out to me beyond a MBA. My main goals for a program are to re-baseline my educational background and network to support a move towards the private sector, potentially in the defense industry but I'm quite open. I have no kids and not planning on any until I'm done with school. I'm interested to hear from any other vets with a somewhat similar background, particularly:


1. attending school slightly later in life (I might be way off here, I'll be 34 when I matriculate, seems a little long in the tooth)

2. whether a MBA was ultimately worth it

3. application experiences, particularly WRT GMAT scores / attitude towards exclusively military experience

4. opportunities following graduation


I'm obviously in the very early stages of this; I've worked my way through the Manhattan GMAT books but haven't taken any practice tests or anything (what the F&*@ is data sufficiency??!); I'd like to apply to the most competitive programs my test scores will support. Thanks for taking a look!

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