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MPP/MPA Admission Chances



My dream program is Harvard MPP, and I wanted to get some opinions on my chances, based on my background.

  • Undergraduate degree: UC Berkeley Economics, and Political Economy, 3.7 GPA
  • Work experience: 2 years of experience at a technology startup (IoT) in San Francisco with Biz Dev/Product Marketing roles; internships with a political party in India, The Scottish Parliament, and consulting companies
  • Post Grad school ambition: Public Sector Consultancy for a couple of years and public administration in India (I am originally from there!)

I am also considering other programs like Oxford MPP, and Princeton MPP. Please let me know if you have any advice/suggestions to improve my profile. (for instance, 1 more year of experience, in a government consulting role in India).


Thank you!

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Experience helps but I think the application materials play a much bigger role (i.e., demonstrating leadership capacity in your essays or aligning your goals with offerings in the program). I believe HKS also has some cut offs for the GRE -- they look for 158 at least on the GRE Quant.

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Work experience is important.  I would look on the websites for info on work experience, GRE, etc.  I think many of the programs ask for at least two years of work experience after graduating college.  But again,  check the websites to get the correct data for each program and school.  

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