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  1. I think some schools don’t connect interested people with students until admitted because most students are busy. Always good to ask though. I agree to check your network to see if a friend of a friend knows someone who has a few minutes to talk or answer a couple questions. It’s a good idea to check the program website so you ask questions not already answered on the website/ blog/ virtual event. Many answers can be found on the program website. I would also recommend unless you know the person well to keep the convo short. Most programs have virtual events where students participate
  2. I believe some schools only allow you to apply to one program/ degree a year.
  3. All schools have information and requirements on their website and every school is conducting plenty of virtual events where I suspect you can ask questions. It is a better idea to read up on each program and attend a virtual event instead of listening to someone who has never attended the program they are discussing. “Knowing” someone is not that same thing.
  4. I would highly recommend working for a couple years before applying to policy graduate programs. It will only strengthen your application. Internships are great, but professional experience is better. Your field sounds interesting, but will probably get into better programs with better funding with more professional work experience. Also, you will probably be on a better career path after you graduate if you have a couple years of work experience under your belt before you attend graduate school. Good luck!
  5. Work experience is important. I would look on the websites for info on work experience, GRE, etc. I think many of the programs ask for at least two years of work experience after graduating college. But again, check the websites to get the correct data for each program and school.
  6. New post up for feedback https://wws.princeton.edu/admissions/wws-blog/item/can-i-get-some-feedback
  7. Interesting assessment. The information from the WWS viewbook shows different data. Looks like a bit more go into international work for summer internships and first jobs.
  8. Mg522 I would recommend working for a few years and applying again to possibly get more funding. Many of the programs say on their website the number of years they recommend having before you apply. This will also help you with the job market because you will have experience and not just internships under your belt and that says just as much about your ability as a graduate degree. Many of the job data these schools have will probably be for students with at least a few (or more) years of work experience. Working will also give you another network when you leave graduate school which
  9. Have you thought about getting more work experience and then applying again in a couple years? For WWS the 2-year MPA program asks for 2-4 years while HKS MPP is minimum 2-3 years of work experience. I think if you do a little more research on what each school wants (check their websites and View books) and work a couple more years then you would be a stronger candidate to the more selective schools with better funding. So try and find what places you think will be the best fit and tailor your resume and statements, but I would strongly suggest working for a few more years if you really wan
  10. This seems helpful four out you competitive for policy schools. http://wws.princeton.edu/admissions/wws-blog/item/countdown-our-application-deadline-december-1-2018-are-you-well-positioned
  11. I would think it’d be okay but change/ add your application to show why now.
  12. I didn’t do the WFP pool but I know UN rosters can take a long time and sometimes you have more than one exam and interview. So I would recommend working elsewhere or have something else lined up. I always think it’s a good idea for UN staff to have been on the NGO side at one point in their careers. I find those who have only been UN don’t have a full view of the aid world and are not as equipped as those who have been on the other side. There are plenty of NGOs that have short term gigs or even consultancies so check them out while waiting. It is also good to have in case the pool
  13. I agree be concise but make sure you put everything in you want to say, but also make sure you don’t repeat. I would also spend time editing and see someone (or multiple people) would mind reading it and giving you comments and feedback. This takes time though. Good luck!
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