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Hello Everyone, so i'm applying for Grad school in Belgium to further on M.Sc Geography. well everything seem to be going fine until i got stuck on the statement of purpose. I decided to check out some of the SOP review experts online, some of them charge a fortune for a work that looks scripted and lacking in true identity. So I have decided to post a copy of my SOP over here, I will be glad if anyone can just look through and share their opinion. Thank you in advance.



Growing up I was always fascinated about the world we live in, I often wondered how plants grow from seeds? What forms the rain? And always asked, what is above the blue sky? I was that curious Kid. The questions kept coming and some of the answers I found interesting but not convincing. These curiosities made me passionate about geography and thus lead to the pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in Geography.

As an undergraduate, my perspective changed, from curiosity and passion to a need to proffer solutions to the various environmental problems faced in our society and how it affects our daily lives. During my bachelor’s study, part of my course work involved the study of Remote sensing and Geographic Information System (G.I.S), I was amazed by the many application of GIS in our lives and the enormous unexplored potentials of GIS, most specifically in acquiring spatial data for the study of climate change, land-use changes, mapping, and agriculture, especially in precision farming which combines sensor data and imaging with real-time data analytics to improve farm productivity. This experience made me realize that the application of spatial data to boost agriculture productivity especially in Africa has not been fully explored. The food and Agriculture organization FAO estimates that to satisfy the growing demand driven by population growth and diet changesfood production will have to increase by at least 60 percent in the next decades, but the possibility of achieving this seems less feasible with the challenges posed by Climate change. The effect of climate change is strongly felt in agrarian society, where yearly reduction in agricultural yield is driving communities into extreme poverty, hunger, and insecurity. An example is the recurring clashes between farmers and nomadic herdsmen caused by shrinking and receding vegetation that has affected grazing fields. These changes are also marked by excess or lack of adequate rainfall, seasonal floods and the loss of arable lands to droughts and desert encroachment. But besides this climate issues are the everyday and global discussions of urban congestion, seasonal floods and urban overcrowding due to poor planning. These problems have a far-reaching implication on the environment, food production, and political stability. Many of these could be mitigated if real-time data are used in decision making. I strongly believe the application of GIS can provide timely intervention aimed at preventing or solving these problems. Putting all these into consideration, the need to provide a rapid solution inspired my further study in the field of GIS at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. I hold a strong research interest in the use of GIS and remote sensing in making informed decisions on land use, land cover mapping, and planning.

Fortunately, at Vrije Universiteit Brussel my research interest is well aligned with the focus of the department on urban remote sensing, monitoring and modeling of urban dynamics, map projection design and will provide the perfect opportunity to learn, contribute and work with experts whom share similar research interests as I.I absolutely have no doubt that I will be receiving supervision from one of the finest in the field at the prestigious Vrije Universiteit Brussel.


 In other prepare myself and get acquainted with fieldwork and data collection, I had a six month internship as a survey assistant at the Office of the Surveyor-General of the Federation North-West zonal office in Nigeria, this position helped me develop a hands-on field experience, it was a practical way of exerting all I have read in books and studied in the classroom. I learned from handling the survey instrument to the main process of data acquisition, and also the vital aspect of analyzing and presenting this data for use. This experience was of great help during my undergraduate thesis as my research focused on “The distribution and impact of the prepaid system on household energy consumption”, the research involved understanding how the prepaid system has affected household energy consumption.


After my Bachelors’ degree, I got a position as a Geography teacher in a secondary school, I was tasked with preparing the students for their Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE); our course work involved a general introduction to geography, both Physical and Human Geography. I also had the opportunity to introduce the students to map reading. As part of our term project, I was able to successfully set up a mini metrological station at the school where we took a daily temperature reading, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall amount. I saw the position as an opportunity to advance my leadership skills while also improving my knowledge of geography. A high point for me was when the majority of my students passed with distinction in their SSCE, I felt really proud of my achievement.

My interest has not limited my scope to GIS only but also spread across both physical and human geography. Presently I am studying journals and papers that highlight the effects of climate change on land use and agricultural productivity. Also one of my memorable experiences is a field trip to the Mambila Plateau in Nigeria, where I observed the surrounding landforms and its vegetation and explore how these landforms influence the socio-economic activities in that environment.

Concerning my personality, I believe I am a very responsible individual who loves to learn new things in life and to seek new experiences. I enjoy observing nature and interacting with people. I consider myself to be a highly motivated and diligent student; I am certain to push through with the dedication I have always worked with to accomplish my goals and gain more knowledge and insight in Geography.

In closing I believe I will highly benefit from this master's program, as international experience will provide an opportunity to work with diverse individuals, who are highly involved in the field of geography. But also I will be contributing to the various body of research in the department while also setting leadership examples both on and off the campus, I am confident that this program offers the perfect blend of courses so as to build a rigid foundation for my career. With a burning desire to learn more and venture ahead in my favorite field, I apply for the graduate program in Geography that I will ultimately stretch my passion of becoming a GIS expert and consultant.



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