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What would you tell to your younger self?

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This post is mostly those who are now in a PhD program! How did you handle: recieving or not recieving interview, being accepted/waitlisted/rejected. What would you tell your younger self during that time. For those who are currently going through this process, what do you think you will tell yourself, once this is all over?

The purpose of this is to share some good vibes and advices

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I wouldn't really have anything to tell my younger self regarding interviews: they went well.

What I would tell my younger self however is: read more. MUCH more. Read every philosophy book you find, and every book you find on theoretical takes in business. Read, read, read, and when you're not reading, get that audible and listen to books on those same topics. Read Foucault and Callon and Heidegger and Smith and everyone whose name is mentioned even in passing. Just. READ.

I graduated at the top of my class with a M.Sc., got selected as track representative AND student ambassador, and got accepted into a PhP program 2 months after I wrapped up my M.Sc. I thought I was so well-read and smart. I was not. Not one bit. Not at all. What's well-read on a master's level is nothing but woefully inadequate at a doctorate level.

So that'd be my advice: READ.

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Baby gurl, 

     You are beauty. 

     You are grace. 

     You are love. 

     Don't let the world validate you cuz that needs to come from you. And please do not let others dictate how you express your God-given gifts.

     There is no shame in coming from nuthin'. Them clothes you get from them second-hand places don't mean shiiiet! What matters is your perseverance. Keep writing in your journal cuz one day you'll get published in a journal. Them times you played school? Embrace them. Be bossy. Be loud. You'll need it when you're giving lectures at the university. Keep walking with God towards them dreams y'all talked about cuz you'll need them to help others embrace their light. 



Your future self


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