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Speech Language Pathology - Letter of Intent review


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Hi all!

I am like many of you, or many of you have been, a very anxious first-time applicant for graduate school. I am very close to submitting my application, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to read over my letter of intent, and give me some feedback? It is just a little over a page long, and for the school I am applying to, I know they say to keep it generally around a page long. I am hoping the little extra information I provided is acceptable and helpful, but maybe I need a fresh set of eyes to let me know if it is excessive. My numerical stats are fairly average... but I am hoping my letter can help give me that extra push over to the acceptance side. This is my first time doing an application of this sort, so I need all the assistance I can get - as I am fist generation and still very confused after many consultations with advisers from my school.

 I am so thankful for anyone who would be willing to help me out - and I can return the favor as well! Feel free to either comment or DM me (I think that's how this site works? Sorry - new to this as well!) and I will send it over. My application is due Feb 1 so hopefully I am able to finalize my letter and send my application in soon! 

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