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Hritwik Bhaumik

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Hi guys,

I need some help in filtering out collages that i can apply in the States and Canada. Can someone suggest me a collage which has a higher accepting rate and has a greater chance of accepting me as my profile is not so good.

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Consider looking at usnews and see their average GPA/TOEFL/GRE in your department for the schools there.

For example, I would look at the top 20-50 schools, and see their average profile from the site and apply to the ones that may look feasible

The department's website may also give you hints on what an accepted profile looks like. 


If you failed this round, always look at ways to improve your profile, e.g. improving GRE/TOEFL scores, joining a lab and working on research during the summer  etc.

Also, there are schools who don't require GRE!


Good luck!

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what I do is pick the locations where I want to study and research what schools are there and what they require from candidates and students. Every city has lower and higher level institutions. Be fairly specific about the location, so don't lok for schools in the US, for example, but specifically in certain states: e.g. Florida, California etc.

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