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Hey Everyone 😀

Making this thread to start a conversation with accepted students or waiting students to Fordham for their MSW come Fall. Which campus are you going to? Honestly just anything you want to mention. 

I got accepted on the 19th and going to the Westchester campus 🎉 


Congratulations to everyone that got accepted WHOO we did it! 🎉

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HI @Coop2508

I finished my application in mid July.  I think it was July 17 or 23. This was after much prodding from the application  person I was assigned to.  When I first reached out she tried to set a deadline for me to get all my documents in a week from our conversation.  When I made it clear that I was applying for January she said applications had already been coming in and it would be good get them in by then.  In follow up conversations with her she let slip that they are getting the Sept start students ready and that they aren't reviewing applications until after the semester starts.  At that point it was already Sept 1 and I had had enough.  I panicked and called Monmouth to see if they were accepting applications for Fall (they don't do January starts) and they said yes!  I sent in application because they have a strong macro program.  They took me right away and I'm in classes full time now.  Its Sept 19 and still no word from Fordham....  I thought they'd have given some guidance by now especially given how the applicant guide pushed.

I have a strong application and had my "guide"  at Fordham been straight with me I might be in their Sept start program right now.  Maybe it was the best.  Monmouth is a small school and I already know the faculty in my concentration.  The dean reviewed my application! With Covid its all online anyway and they have permanently moved the macro portion of the program to an online format to get more global participation. I think it was a blessing in disguise for me.

I hope you hear what you want to hear soon!

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