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Fall 2020 University of the Pacific / Grad Admissions

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Has anyone heard from University of the Pacific for the Speech Language Pathology 15 or 24 month program? 

The due date for the application was postponed to a later date, so I’m wondering if this has pushed back their responses to applications. 

The longer I wait the more I start thinking that I’m going to be declined. 

Has anyone heard back from them yet? Or Has anyone been in this same situation before with their school? If so, does it mean your less likely to get accepted if they contact you later in the month?  

Thank you in advance! 

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Posted (edited)

Thank you so much @MsFutureSLP! That makes me feel more at ease because I haven’t heard from others about responses from the school. 

Yes! Not hearing back for some time can be very stressful! I have heard that UOP closed early as other schools due to the coronavirus, so this may be a reason for not hearing back sooner. I’m not sure. Hopefully we hear from them soon! 

Thank you again! 😊 

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Hi @MsFutureSLP! Congratulations!! 🎊😊 I’m so happy for you! Thank you for the heads up, I truly appreciate it! 

 I actually heard back from admissions today and was placed on the waiting list. I’m super thankful and excited! So happy that I finally heard from them, but the wait continues lol! 

Thank you for your help and encouragement! And Congrats again! 🎊 Who knows we might be in classes together this fall! 

Take care! 


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