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Applying to fellowships that aim to promote diversity in STEM/another field as a member of an over-represented demographic in STEM


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I'm aware of several fellowships that say their mission is to "provide opportunity to underrepresented groups in STEM" or promote diversity or otherwise state in their mission statements that they hope to provide more opportunities for minority groups to attend grad school. I'm thinking specifically of GEM and ford foundation but there are probably others. NPSC say this in their mission statement as well.

As a person from an over-represented demographic in STEM fields, I was wondering if it is worth applying to these fellowships at all?

Obviously, it is good that there are programs that exist to promote diversity in STEM and I hope I don't come off as being critical of this idea, I'm just wondering for my own planning purposes whether these would be worth my time.

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There are fellowship out there for everyone(NSF GRFP/ NIH F31). 

Applying would be a waste of time as they keep track on who they give the money to (thats how they see how impactful the program is).

Then again you could always lie about your nationality but that is not worth it.

So in summary: there are other fellowships out there for everyone.

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I think you're right. I probably should have asked about specific fellowships because some just have vauge wording. GEM is clearly targeted at only minorities but NPSC doesn't seem so, they just state it as one of their goals. Ford foundation however is more ambiguous

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Typical approaches include methods like:
Getting to know students and their home culture, language, values, and environment.
Integrating students' ways of knowing and communicating with STEM content.
Highlighting individuals from students' racial or ethnic groups as high achievers in STEM areas.

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