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UCSB Writing Sample Question

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Hello everyone!

I'm planning to apply to doctoral programs in counseling psychology in the fall and am currently looking into some programs. I noticed on UCSB's website that they have a writing sample requirement. But, when I looked more into it, all they say regarding this requirement is:

The writing sample is based on your research experience; either research on the job, a research project, or a class paper. There is no length limit, but should be substantial enough to show yourself to be competitive. Faculty are looking for strong writing skills and place more emphasis on the context of the paper than the content. Applicants are not exempt from submitting a writing sample if they do not have one that is related to research in some way. All applicants must submit a sample. Your application will not be reviewed without one.

Would anyone be able to tell me what exactly this means? This description itself is vague and I doubt they want me to submit an autobiography of my research and lab experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi, @pomegranateleaves! I hope you're well. So from reading their requirement, it seems that they want a writing sample that is closely related to your research. They said "a research project, or a class paper." So, IMO, that sounds like they want a sample that shows your research in action (a previous research paper, class paper, etc.)?

All in all, email the grad director for that program. They will answer any questions you have!

Good luck! ?

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