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MFA's interested in Political Art

Paula Meninato

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Hey y'all! 

So I'm totally new here but have quite a bit of experience with applications so please feel free to ask me any questions. This is actually my second time applying for MFA programs.

The first time I applied, I applied to Parsons and Plymouth College of Art in the UK. I got into both programs, with a small scholarship to Parsons. However, I didn't want to take out a loan so I went to PCA since the program was a fraction of the cost.

I loved my masters program, but I just felt like it wasn't the best fit culturally and I was very homesick so now I'm applying again. I did get an MA and found it to be very valuable in terms of clarifying what I want to do with my work moving forward. If anyone is interested in getting an MA before an MFA, I definitely recommend it. 


Anywho, I'm wondering if anyone else is interested in focusing on political art. I usually get nudged towards community arts programs, but I'm more interested in a studio-based practice. 

I'm fairly open about where to go next and would love to hear experiences from other people about the types of programs they're pursuing and why. I'm also interested to hear about the type of work you make, why you make it, and why an MFA program is the next step for you. 


Here is a list of the programs I'm thinking about applying for:

  • Yale (MFA)
  • Stanford (MFA)
  • Bard (MFA)
  • UC Davis (MFA)
  • UC Berkeley (MFA)
  • UCLA (MFA)
  • USF (MFA)
  • Ruskin School of Art (MFA or PhD)
  • Vienna Academy of Fine Arts (PhD)
  • Malmo Academy of Art (PhD)


In case anyone is interested, you can find my art at paulameninato.com and instagram.com/paulameninato 

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