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MS CS program from BS Aerospace Engineering?



I'm going to graduate with my BS in Aerospace Engineering next spring. Due to a variety of factors, I have decided to pursue graduate-level education, and I would like the opportunity to do it in CS, as that is where my interests have lied for roughly a little more than the second half of my bachelor's degree. I'm well aware that a transition from AE to CS is unorthodox, and I'm concerned that many good programs (both at prestigious and not so prestigious universities) will think that I'm unqualified.

Does anyone who has either made the transition (or a similar one!) themselves or know somebody who has have any tips for being successful in making the switch? Here's a little context about me:

Two major industry experiences. The first in the systems/test wing of software engineering (but I did a ton of programming) and the second in a more formal software engineering role

Research in ML

High GPA

Anticipate a good GRE score

A bunch of extracurricular experiences

In terms of preparation for CS, I will graduate with rigorous (my school is really good for CS) formal coursework in the following areas:

Intro CS (Java programming and some light data structures)

Data structures

Discrete mathematics

Data visualization (this was a master's level course)


Computer architecture or systems programming (I might need to do a little prereq fenagling to get the systems programming course; will definitely have one of the two)

My aerospace background gives me some additional unrelated but somewhat relevant preparation in:

Control systems

Numerical methods

Autonomous systems

When applying, I intend to portray myself as an aerospace person who wants to develop a stronger CS skill set to make deeper contributions to the industry by advancing how it handles and processes data, secures software and networks, or develops large, integrated systems.

Any help or tips would be very appreciated. If you made it this far, thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate it.

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