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I want to apply to an MA at UoT in political science for fall 2021 with the goal of following that up with a PhD in political theory in the same university. 

I tried applying to PhD programs in Sociology in multiple universities but I wasn't accepted and some one from a certain admissions office told me its because my grades in my masters were low. 

So I decided to start from masters again and be consistent since my actual interests are in political theory and not sociology. 

I want to know what my chances are of getting accepted in the MA PoliSci program at UoT are and what can I do to improve them in your opinion(s). I would appreciate your comments on whats below.


Here's a list of my qualifications:

  • BSc Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, International Politics major, with a Certificate of Regional and Arab Studies thesis. 3.48 GPA. Merit Scholarship recipient. 
  • MSc in Culture and Society (Sociology) The London School of Economics and Political Science, graduated with a pass. Full Chevening Scholarship recipient. 
  • Published an academic article in an academic journal briefly after finishing my BSc.
  • Worked as a Course Assistant in Georgetown University after finishing my masters from LSE. 
  • Bilingual, and currently learning french as a third language. 

I did the GRE three times last year and my grades were: 

  • first attempt: writing 4.5  / quant 146 / 157 verbal
  • second attempt: writing 4.0 / quant 151/ 156 verbal
  • third attempt: writing 5.0 / quant 146/ verbal 155

For recommendation letters: 

  • Last year I had two professors from my masters program write me letters, but it seems they are declining this year (since they ignored my emails), which leaves me with
  • A professor from my undergrad school who was also the dean for academic affairs in the same school and later for a graduate program in the same university (I did very well in his class and he was enthusiastic about writing me a letter in the past). He wrote me letters in the past. 
  • A professor from my undergrad school whom I took multiple courses with and got As in all of them. She wrote me letters in the past. 
  • Finally, the director of the econ department in my undergrad school who offered to write me a letter out of his own will last year and I took him on his offer this time. I never studied with him. 


I would appreciate any comments, advice, and questions. 


Thank you.


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