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Advice or Examples of Successful SOPs?


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Hello all,

I plan on applying to NT PhD programs this upcoming fall season. I'm a bit in the dark on the SOP. Of course, schools usually give a broad description of what they expect. But, does anyone have pointed advice for--or links to examples of--successful SOPs? If it helps, I plan on applying to Duke (Phd and ThD), PTS, Emory, Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge. Many thanks!

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Hi, @Matiyahu7! I hope all's well.

I'm applying to a PhD in English program, so the two SOP examples that I found are mostly humanities-based. Either way, I'm sure they'll be of some use to you.

Check them out here:

I hope this is helpful! For me, I know that looking at these samples really helped me compose my SOP in the best way possible.

Good luck! ?


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