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  1. Does anyone have an informed perspective on PhD/DPhil expectations in the UK? I'm an American, but Oxford is my first choice (with funding). Is there any indication that supply and/or demand with wane in the UK or Europe?
  2. I know this thread is a bit old, but I've wrestled with this question for some years. I now have PhD apps coming up and have decided to apply to Oxbridge and about 5 R1 US schools. A few things: 1. There seems to be a good bit of snobbery to look our for on both sides of the Atlantic. Some brits--like one Prof from Cambridge recently told me--are suspicious of many American programs while many American Profs with American PhDs will look down on anything not American. 2. While xypathos is certainly correct that some folks go to Aberdeen--which is a notch of so below Oxbridge--because it'
  3. This is Great! Thank you for that. Reading through these right now. All the best to you as well! :)
  4. Hello all, I plan on applying to NT PhD programs this upcoming fall season. I'm a bit in the dark on the SOP. Of course, schools usually give a broad description of what they expect. But, does anyone have pointed advice for--or links to examples of--successful SOPs? If it helps, I plan on applying to Duke (Phd and ThD), PTS, Emory, Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge. Many thanks!
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