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Question about dual credit at community college during high school


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Hi everyone,

I'm posting because I'm super anxious about something that recently just happened. I'm applying to 12 schools (Chemistry PhD) and have submitted 9 of them already. However, I just remembered that I took two dual credit classes (in the humanities, with A's in both) at a local technical college during my senior year of high school four years ago. This slipped my mind during the application process and I only submitted my transcript from my undergraduate institution, and now I am in panic about being rejected/accused of academic dishonesty when it was a mistake. I've already contacted all nine of the schools a few hours ago (two of them have gotten back to me and told me I was fine), but I am still very scared that this will negatively affect me. What should I do? Will this jeopardize my application?

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I panicked over this same issue a few months ago and emailed several of my schools. Every single school let me know that there is no expectation for applicants to include dual credit/IB/AP transcripts. You should be fine. I also think they'd contact you before simply throwing your application out!

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2 hours ago, uncertainty17 said:

What should I do?

Take pride in the fact that you're a person of character who wants to do the right thing. Not everyone you encounter in graduate school will have the same mindset.

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