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Public school: J1 or F1?


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Dear all, I have been applying to several schools, including two public (art history). And I got worried about the infamous two-year rule. If the university is public, then the funding is (almost exclusively?) public and I will end up being subject to the two-year rule?  Who makes the decision about the type of visa? I would be very grateful for any thoughts and insights!

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You can usually indicate a preference if the school offers both. However, a large number of schools is unwilling to sponsor students for the J1. 

But yeah, u can generally choose which of the two.

The 2 year rule is more dependent on 'need' in your home country and may be waived if there's an agreement between the US and your country that your home country doesn't 'need' people in your area of graduation.


The choose for which visa - if given the option - is a bit tricky. F1 is generally more 'flexible' and better if you'd like to work off campus for a bit, would like to work in the US afterwards, and so on. J1 is better if you bring your partner and he/she wants to work (partner of F2 cannot obtain a work permit), but you cannot work off campus.

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