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PhD Fall 2021 Interview/Acceptance


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  1. Schools Applied (All Submitted in Late November) : Tulane PhD Epi, Harvard PhD Pop Health, Emory Environmental Health Sciences, GWU PhD Epi, Brown PhD Epi
  2. Interviews: N/A
  3. Rejections: N/A

Thought I'd also post a few stats to see how my application might stack up:

Undergrad GPA: 3.2 (yikes)

MPH GPA: 4.0 (at a top 5 public health program)

GRE: 160 Q / 155 V / 4.0 W

Publications: 2 co-authorships and 1st place on a poster from an undergrad conference

Honors: Induction into Delta Omega (LITERALLY the day after I submitted my last application :( ), MPH practicum was recognized for excellence by my MPH program

Skills noted in resume via listed experiences: projects involving extensive SAS programming, REDCap e-database management

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PhD applications for molecular biology and microbiology

1. Schools applied - Late November - Emory, Yale, Drexel, GSU, FIU, Princeton

2. N/A interviews or rejections - I am a British student so not sure if i will hear back later being international. 

Undergrad GPA: 4.0

3 years research experience and 1 year international research experience

1 year industrial experience in Hospital labs. 

1 year international experience studying 3 combined degrees

Undergrad conference


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PhD Application for Counseling and Counselor Education

1) School Applied - University of Florida (yep, only the one)

2) Interviews/Acceptances - Invited to interview on 1/29 (wish me luck!)

3)Rejections: N/A

Some of my stats:
Undergrad GPA 3.9
Graduate GPA 4.0
GRE 313 (162V, 151Q, 5.0W)
I've completed one mixed-methods independent research project. I have done a poster presentation and multiple oral presentations and workshops. I was advised not to publish yet, as I have a previous literature review that can be updated and prepared for publication if I get accepted. I have about 3 years of field experience and will have my professional license in a few months.

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