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Profile Evaluation -- Fall 2021 Applied Maths PhD

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Hello all!

I'm applying for applied maths PhD in theoretical machine learning and computational mathematics. I am looking for advice as to what schools I should apply.

Undergrad Institution: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Ropar, India
Major: B.Tech Mechanical engineering
Minors: Mathematics
GPA: 8.3/10 (3.4/4 approx)
Type of Student: Male
GRE General Test & Subject Test in Mathematics: n/a (due to COVID)
Programs Applying:  Applied maths PhD
Research Experience:  
- Paper in machine learning related area (designed a CNN to solve some agriculture related problem)
- Doing capstone project (1 year long compulsory project) in application of deep learning in mechanical problem  
Letters of Recommendation:
I'm expecting three strong letters from professors with whom I have done research and taken courses under.
Coding Skills: 
Python, Tensorflow, MATLAB (basic)
Relevant Courses + Grades:  
Undergraduate level -  Multivariable calculus (B), Linear Algebra (B-), Differential Eqjuations (A-), Probability and statistics(A-)
Graduate level - Topology(A-), Functional Analysis(B-), Complex analysis(B-), Discrete mathematics (taking this semester), Applied linear algebra and matrix analysis(taking this semester), Algebra(taking this semester) 
Other Relevant Courses: Deep learning for physical systems(taking this semester)
Additional comments/concerns:
I think my biggest weakness is my math background and I am doubtful about my grades in mathematics being sufficiently good enough. 
I know I am late in applying but I hope there are still some programs where I can apply. Currently, I am thinking of UChicago(top choice), Northeastern, NCSU. 
Rest all deadlines have passed as far as I know.
I'd really appreciate any feedback on my schools (if there are others I should be looking at please let me know!).
Thanks so much for your help! Please help me urgently since I am already quite late.
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I think Chicago or even schools in the top 30s are out of reach given your profile. The admissions for international students are very competitive and your consistent low grades in core math courses are a red flag. That being said, I would target much lower and it seems Northeastern/NC State are reasonable targets. I would also apply to some master's programs just to be on the safe side. If you didn't get into a good PhD program, doing a master's and then reapplying might yield better results.

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Hey Casiorti, it sounds like you are very familiar with applied math programs and their admissions standards. Would you mind taking a look at my profile?


I would really appreciate any input you might have.

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