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MSc in Psychology from the UK. BPS accreditations and application status


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Hey There, 
After spending hours trying to find the right forum and the topic, I've given up and have decided to make one. This topic is for applicants who are planning to apply to the UK for Masters in any field of Psychology (Fall 2021). Do share about 

  1. Schools you are applying to 
  2. Status of applications 
  3. Your profile (education, work experience, clinical experience and research experience) 
  4. SOP and LOR progress

If you're an international student, how are you going about the BPS accreditation status in case you're planning to do you DClinPsy in the UK itself?

If you have experience applying to schools in the UK, please do share your experience. 

I am an international student applying to UCL, KCL, St. Andrews, Edinburgh, Bristol, Glasgow etc. I am still finalizing the schools I want to apply to. Hence, any suggestions are welcome. My areas of interest are Developmental Psychology, Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology. I have started my applications but is slowly progressing as I am working full time and studying at the same time. I have completed my Undergraduate degree in Psychology from a Tier 1 college and is currently pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Social Work and Counselling Practice. I have fair amount of work experience and currently acquiring clinical experience. I don't have any research experience. Any suggestions of how I can improve my profile are welcome. My SOP is in the final stage of revision and would like to exchange it with someone for reviewing, so do hit me up. LOR, there's no way of knowing for sure how good they are but I have a good relationship with both my referrers. 

Anyone who's received an offer, please please help out!!


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Hi there,


Im an international student applying for a psych masters in the UK although I did do my undergrad degree in the UK. Are you planning to apply for a one-year masters or a two-year masters programme? Im interested in clinical/ educational psychology and have submitted an application to UCL so far, considering applying to Kings or Bath too. 

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