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Any MA programs still accepting apps?

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Hi all-- 


I applied to 8 PhD programs this fall, but I now fear the crazy changes/challenges facing all the higher ed institutions might just destroy any possibility of acceptance. So now I'm trying to think of Plan B, and I am interested in applying to MA programs. The only ones I've found with apps still open are Villanova and Northwestern--does anyone know of any others? 


Thank you!!!

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BU is still accepting MA apps on a rolling basis until 3/5, and Northeastern is accepting MA apps until 6/15. But someone please correct me if I'm misunderstanding either of those! I should also note that tons of European English MA programs are still accepting apps for the Fall semester, but that may not be what you had in mind. Hope this helps!

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I believe Wake Forest University is accepting applications until March 15th (Jan 15th was their priority deadline); it's probably too late for a department fellowship in the Writing Center, but some university fellowships may still be available. Duquesne University is accepting applications until July 1st. The deadline for fellowship consideration at Duquesne has passed, but they are not awarding any MA fellowships in the English department this year anyway. There will likely be other university fellowship/assistantship opportunities. I would also imagine that schools with more general MA programs in Humanities (U Chicago comes to mind) would have later deadlines, but I have heard that sometimes those sorts of programs are not worth the significant cost. 

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On 2/9/2021 at 9:08 PM, TheorySchmeory said:

I should also note that tons of European English MA programs

live the dream (by which I mean my personal dream, lol) of the German philology or English MA 

here I am about 60% serious. There are lots of probably very obvious reasons why you shouldn't go to Germany for a degree in English (brace yarselves for some unsolicited advice):

- German lecturers and professors are typically more distant and might not write great LORs

- Obviously, if you don't speak German, you're probably going to feel very isolated 

- You won't get a TAship to cover living expenses, and there legal limits on the number of hours you can work with on a student visa

- More importantly, you probably won't be able to find work if in the first place without some German proficiency 


That said, there are a few reasons why it would be good idea. Namely:

- No tuition

- Actually quite a wide selection of English-taught MA degrees in or directly adjacent to our discipline

- You could quite conceivably force yourself to learn German, which would be seriously valuable. Most of the time, you need an immersion experience in another language in order to use it in serious academic work, and this could qualify as such an experience  

- This is a stupid reason to do it, but Germany is cool. Living there could alter your general outlook and/or career trajectory


The commenter above mentioned "European" MAs, but I've talked exclusively about German MAs here because they're the only ones that are tuition free for international students. The other popular destination for these sorts of degrees is the UK, and, imo, don't bother. Those degrees are going to be crazy expensive for Americans, and not worth your time unless you have a cool 60-70k USD to spare, or can magically get a Fulbright

Anyway, the German MA is something I almost did but then for various reasons chose not to do, which means that I am now forever burdened with this (completely useless, at least to me personally) knowledge of German MAs from an international perspective. So, there you have it. 

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