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How to politely turn down an offer?


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Any advice on how to politely turn down an offer?

I don't think that just going to the portal and clicking "I Decline" is okay or respectful, so I'm thinking of reaching out to the faculty members I've spoken with directly but not sure what to say... I will be accepting an offer elsewhere but don't want to make them feel bad!

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Don't overcomplicate it. 

Just send out those emails to the individual faculties and thank them for their time and that unfortunately, you have decided to accept a program elsewhere. Don't even mention that your choice was a better fit. You can also include one sentence about how you wanted to extend the courtesy of reaching out to them first before declining on the portal.

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I just went through and read the (I think) three old threads on this topic yesterday, in preparation for the same thing. 

I sent my first declination email yesterday (only one day after getting the offer). I've worked with the department chair previously, so I was mildly concerned it would be awkward. They were however very pleased to have my decision. so fast, so that they could offer the position to the next person on the wait list. Remember that there is some anxiety on the department's end as well! Good luck. 

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