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MS in Biostat at Waterloo vs UofT?

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Hi guys, I am a bio major student who got accepted at Waterloo and UofT for MS in biostatistics. I can't decided between the two programs and I am seeking some advice. I want to apply for PhD programs after graduate and go to pharm companies as a biostatistician later ideally.

Waterloo Biostat MS


- Offer TAship to cover the tuition and part of the living expenses

- Under math faculty and the courses are harder (theoretical), which I thought it would be great for me to build a solid math foundation and for going to PhD

- Students need to work with a supervisor for the research project in the last semester (4 months)


- They have Co-op positions but its not guaranteed while I don't have much experience

- Again the courses are hard and I'm concerned that if I can't keep up then I'm screwed (I took cal1-3, lin alg1, math stat, reg analysis, taking time series, and plan to take lin alg2)


UofT Biostat MS


- They have a practicum course which allows students to work in hospitals/research institutes every week, so more practical experiences

- Under public health department, the courses are more applied and I might like it and perform better (maybe)

- There is a thesis option (12 month) after the first year of courses


- No guaranteed financial aids, I can try to look for TA positions though

- Not sure how competitive is for transferring to thesis option and Phd program?


Thank you so much in advance for your valuable input!

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1 hour ago, bayessays said:

If you want to go to a PhD program, I don't think the co-op and practical experiences will mean much.  Both are good schools, so I'd take the one that is paying you and will offer you the best preparation for a PhD.

You are right. I’m interested in the co-op just because it’s also research-focused so the research experience would also benefit me to apply for PhD programs. But I guess in terms of the preparation for a PhD, there is no much difference between the two programs.

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