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University of Miami (Florida)

Larry David

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Has there been any movement at Miami yet? According to Simon Evnine during the prospective student event week, Miami is trying to bring in 3 students this year. In addition, he claimed that there had been no movement--the only exception being someone declined there waitlist offer. Does anyone know anything? Specifically, has anyone declined there offer or has anyone moved off the waitlist yet. I imagine most of the movement will happen this coming week or next. I feel that it is very unlikely that I will receive an offer from Miami based off of how many people attended the prospective event. It appears that I am one of several (I counted around 12 people) that are in the mix for an acceptance. 

As I am sure it is the case for most people this cycle, the pressure is starting to build! I only have waitlists offers and I am beginning to think nothing is going to come through because of this being an atypical year. 

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On 4/18/2021 at 2:28 AM, Francis Dunn Miami Florida said:

Only 3 new students? Why so few?

That would be about half of a normal admission year, I believe. COVID has had long-term effects on universities. Many of them are still reeling from budget cuts. Miami's grad student stipend is quite high, so I wouldn't be surprised if they cut back the number of lines were to be taken.

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