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Opinions/interpretations of this email!!!???

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hi all! I was recently given an admissions offer in march. It was my understanding that this program gives funding to most admitted people, and that offers are given in a second email. anyway, my admissions offer did not mention anything of funding besides a generic statement along the lines of: 

"financial decisions are a secondary step in the admission process. notification of funding will arrive in a separate communication."

following this offer, an email was sent to all applicants regarding the status of admissions for April (every month, the school gave updates). the update had THIS statement regarding funding: 

"Below we provide a summary of the types of emails that have been sent. Your email (and the information in it) will be specific to you.

1. Admission and Funding offer (funding offer sent in a separate email).

If you receive an accept with funding email prior to April 15, you have until April 15 to make your decision. All schools should be using this April 15 deadline [refer to the Council of Graduate Schools’ Resolution Regarding Graduate Scholars, Fellows, Trainees and Assistants renewed October 2014:  http://www.cgsnet.org/april-15-resolution]. 

2. Admission offer (funding offer pending).

If you receive an accept with funding pending email, you also have until April 15 to make your decision. HOWEVER, if you know your plans earlier also, please let us know ASAP so we can continue to make offers as soon as possible." 

so naturally, I assumed I was pending funding, but my admissions offer did not mention "admission with funding pending" - just admission. So I emailed the coordinator and asked what my status was due to the confusion, citing that the April update email they sent had those two types of emails accepted applicants could have received and I did not receive a funding NOR a funding pending statement, they asked me to forward my offer email, and then they sent back: 

"Disregard that message. We still do not know if funding is available. We will know more in the next week."


I guess my question is, how would you interpret this? I didn't want to push further as I know they are incredibly busy and they said they'll know more in the next week, but I took it as they meant one of two things:

1. don't know if funding is available for ME, or

2. don't know if funding is available in general 


thanks! I know I'm kinda overthinking, but knowing whether or not I have funding really makes this decision easier for me, and I know I can be patient and wait a week but I also like to know ALLLL my options to make an informed decision ahead of time haha 


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