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Fall 2022: PhD Statistics/, Biostatistics school selection




International student


Bachelor's in Statistics with hons: 3.5 gpa( converted from Percentage) from tier 1 public university

Masters in Statistics: 9.6 cgpa on a scale of 10 from a tier 2 private university with 10 in calculas, algebra, linear models, Design of Experiments, Biostatistics, multivariate analysis, Demography,Statistical Inference.


Research experience:

1.Did a thesis project for final semester applying mathematical model to demographic rates.

2.Worked as a research assistant for 8 months at a government organisation but not very relevant experience or publication from it.

I've graduated first in class in my master's program and have been awarded a national scholarship based on academic merit.

Currently working as a Statistical analyst.

GRE: not taking( applying to programs not requiring GRE.

LORs: Three from my professors including the professor who was my project guide.

I'm thinking of applying to PhD Biostatistics/ Statistics programs.

My whatsoever little research experience is related to Biostatistics and it interests me the most.

The programs I've selected so far are among the top 10 programs in Biostatistics

Kindly suggest some schools which are not very ambitious and some safety schools for PhD Statistics.

Thank you.















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