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Visas and long term stay, immigration pathways

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Hello, I may have posted this on the wrong section of the forum.

 I am an international prospective student studying my PhD in NA ( USA or in Canada), and I would like to know visa applications, types of visas, and a pathway for a PhD student to fully immigrate and settle after finishing the program.  I'm from SE Asia, so any resources will help. 

Thank you, always stay safe and wear your masks!

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A student visa is not an immigrant visa. I suggest you go to the State Department's website and the International Scholars website at the institutions where you are thinking of applying. Unless you get a permanent job after graduation with a work visa, the student visa will not be a path for immigration. Further, some student visas, like the J-1, have other requirements, like waiting a period of time before getting a work visa. And finally, immigration paths are relative to where you are from, hence, look at the State Department's website for information on your particular country. 

Whatever information you find here, including this, should be taken with a grain of salt. 

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