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Shortlisting universities based on profile

Anjali Agarwal

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I completed my undergraduate in Electrical Engineering in 2021. Since then I have been working as a researcher in a research unit in India. I also have worked as a research volunteer for two labs until now. My research interests lie in Computational Neuroscience and Brain-Computer Interface. I wanted to apply for PhD in ECE/ Biomedical/Bioengineering department in US. The schools I have shortlisted are Gatech, UC Davis, UCSD, UT Austin, UCSF-UCB joint graduate program, CMU, University of Washington, UMich, Boston University, UPitt.

GPA: 3.5


  • 2 years of research experience working in a research unit, although not related to the research I want to pursue my PhD in.

  • To compensate for that I remotely worked as a research volunteer for two labs (One in Donders Institute and the other in Georgia Tech)

  • Participated in several international hackathons and came in the top 3.

  • Completed two industrial internships in startups and one research internship in NTU Singapore during undergrad.

  • 3 strong LORs (one from a professor who taught me in undergrad and two under whom I did my volunteer research assistantship) 

  • Completed summer schools based on Neuroscience. 

  • Unfortunately I don't have any research papers.

Which colleges would I have a good chance of getting into and should I add more good schools to the list where I have a good chance based on my profile?

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