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Equal emphasis PhD clinical psych programs?


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I need help! I am applying to both PhD and PsyD programs in clinical psychology and I am really trying to find out which PhD ones are "equal emphasis". I only have a little bit of research experience with much more clinical experience and am interested in doing research (I have a variety of interests not sure what I want to focus on) while also getting the practicum experiences that PsyD students would get.

I have the Insider's Guide and heard many mixed results about what PhD programs are actually equal emphasis. I know plenty of the programs will produce clinicians, but I do not want to apply to a PhD program that focuses only on research/academia. Some of the programs explicitly say that on their website and some do not. Does anyone know of any that are equal emphasis or also focus on clinical work more heavily that others?


For PhD--I am looking at University of Vermont, University of South Carolina, University of Montana, University of Utah, Northwestern University (Feinberg Medical Chicago campus), University of South Florida, Suffolk University, U-Mass Boston, and City College of New York CUNY so far...

Please let me know if there are any that seem to be what I am looking for!

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Big name/highly-ranked school usually are more research-focused than clinically oriented. Beyond that, I would not think too hard about this. There is variability among the students at every school. There are students who publish 1-2 papers in graduate school and others at the same school who will publish 20 papers. While research experience is the most important aspect of getting into graduate school, most students go onto clinically focused careers.


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PhD students on average get the same as,or actually more clinical hours throughout their training compared to PsyD students. If you're using the Insider's Guide book, the programs themselves are the ones providing the rating on their research/clinical emphasis. Typically, programs that bill themselves as a clinical science model (like UC-Berkeley, SUNY-Stony Brook, SUNY-Binghamton, etc.) are going to be interested in preparing academics. PhD programs that are scientist-practitioner are going to usually be equal emphasis. That being said, some labs within a program may be more academic focused than others, so you have to look at the specific faculty you're interested in working with. The small cohort university-based PsyDs will typically also be equal emphasis. The large-cohort for-profit programs typically have a much smaller/non-existant research requirement. 

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