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Should I apply to my MSW?


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Hi :)

I am interested in applying to the two year MSW at UofT. For context, I am completing my MSc in Epidemiology (3.8/4.0 GPA) and previously completed my Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences (4.0 GPA in last 2 years). The majority of my employment experiences are research-related (specifically in Indigenous health, family violence, south asian health, policy and equity), but I also have worked closely with students as a residence mentor and student ambassador on campus in my undergrad. In terms of volunteer work, I am currently on a (personal health condition specific) advisory board, ran a public health student wellness initiative in my masters and established a mentorship initiative to support students in my undergrad program as a alumnus.

I'm wondering if my experience and qualifications are suitable to apply for UofT's program? Thank you in advance for your guidance!

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I assume you mean U of Toronto as opposed to Texas or Tennessee? Your qualifications look good. What do you see yourself doing with a MSW? Why are you not utilizing applying for jobs with your current master's degree? Or are you? Just questions I have that you may or may not want to respond to. I personally work as a caseworker with just a bachelor's degree and some programs would like to see specific social work experience. You might want to contact the school directly with the questions you may have.  I have noticed that most all MSW programs have about 75% the same curriculum and then a few electives depending on macro or clinical and the school.  

I personally have considered a MSW to do clinical therapy, but haven't decided yet if I will apply now or at all. 

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