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Having been recently admitted to GWU's MPP program, I'd be interested to know how they rank with other schools like Vandy and, especially, Georgetown, which is my first choice. On GWU's website, they said they were ranked 10 overall, but U.S. news website is totally for the birds. I hate how vague and unhelpful it is.

I know I applied to all good schools but I'm just not sure how great they are in comparison with one another.

If you can please share yours insights about MPPs across the nation:

I have particular interest in: GWU, Gtown, Vandy, and NYU (MPA-PNPP)

Thank You :-)

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gwu and american are both ranked a little higher than gtown. gtown is a fair amount harder to get into though. the rankings have little to do with difficulty.

i have a fancy assistantship at georgia now (#3), but i was outright rejected by columbia, which is in the 20s. I got into gtown without aid. gtown is pretty stingy with most its admits.

all of this was back in 2006.

it really doesn't make a huge difference where you go, the point is to do well there.

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I'm not too knowledgeable about rankings but from my research each program is completely different. Some of them offer specializations, study abroad-ish type programs, and internships/real world projects. A good way to gauge if the program is reputable and up your alley is to check on the career services website at the college. Find out where alumni are working (names of places and geographical locations), as well as what percent immediately find a job. If they are being hired by reputable organizations that interest you, it may be a good fit. Just my two cents :)

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that is very good advice from the post above. but also consider that a lot of people from a certain school may desire to stay in a nearby geographic region. i had little trouble getting an internship in dc out of Georgia, even though many of my classmates would prefer to stay in the south.

in any case, here are the rankings. they haven't been revised since 2004.

Rank/School Average assessment

score (5.0 = highest)

1. Syracuse University (NY) 4.6

2. Harvard University (MA) 4.5

3. Indiana University--Bloomington 4.2

University of Georgia 4.2

5. Princeton University (NJ) 4.1

University of California--Berkeley 4.1

7. University of Southern California 4.0

8. Carnegie Mellon University (PA) 3.9

University of Michigan--Ann Arbor 3.9

10. American University (DC) 3.8

Duke University (NC) 3.8

George Washington University (DC) 3.8

SUNY--Albany 3.8

University of Kansas 3.8

University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill 3.8

University of Texas--Austin 3.8

17. Georgetown University (DC) 3.7

New York University 3.7

University of Chicago 3.7

University of Wisconsin--Madison 3.7

21. Columbia University (NY) 3.6

University of California--Los Angeles 3.6

University of Maryland--College Park 3.6

University of Minnesota--Twin Cities 3.6

University of Pittsburgh 3.6

26. Arizona State University 3.5

Florida State University 3.5

Georgia State University 3.5

Johns Hopkins University (MD) 3.5

Rutgers State University--Newark (NJ) 3.5

University of Nebraska--Omaha 3.5

University of Washington 3.5

Virginia Tech 3.5

34. University of Kentucky 3.4

35. Cornell University (NY) 3.3

Indiana University-Purdue University--Indianapolis 3.3

Northern Illinois University 3.3

Texas A&M University--College Station 3.3

University of Colorado--Denver 3.3

University of Delaware 3.3

University of Missouri--Columbia 3.3

42. Cleveland State University 3.2

Naval Postgraduate School (CA) 3.2

Ohio State University 3.2

University of Pennsylvania 3.2

46. CUNY--John Jay College 3.1

George Mason University (VA) 3.1

University of Arizona 3.1

University of Illinois--Chicago 3.1

University of Utah 3.1

51. Brandeis University (MA) 3.0

CUNY--Baruch College 3.0

New School for Social Research (NY) 3.0

North Carolina State University 3.0

Portland State University (OR) 3.0

Rutgers State University--New Brunswick (NJ) 3.0

57. Georgia Institute of Technology 2.9

Michigan State University 2.9

Monterey Institute of International Studies (CA) 2.9

Pennsylvania State University--Harrisburg 2.9

University of Baltimore (MD) 2.9

University of Connecticut 2.9

University of North Texas 2.9

University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee 2.9

65. Auburn University--Montgomery (AL) 2.8

Brigham Young University--Provo (UT) 2.8

Florida Atlantic University 2.8

San Francisco State University 2.8

University of Illinois--Springfield 2.8

University of Maryland--Baltimore County 2.8

University of Missouri--St. Louis 2.8

University of Oklahoma 2.8

University of South Carolina--Columbia 2.8

Virginia Commonwealth University 2.8

West Virginia University 2.8

76. Auburn University--Main Campus (AL) 2.7

California State University--Long Beach 2.7

College of William and Mary (VA) 2.7

Florida International University 2.7

Kansas State University 2.7

San Diego State University 2.7

University of Alabama--Birmingham 2.7

University of Denver 2.7

University of Missouri--Kansas City 2.7

University of North Carolina--Charlotte 2.7

University of Tennessee--Knoxville 2.7

University of Texas--Arlington 2.7

University of Texas--Dallas 2.7

Washington State University 2.7

Wayne State University (MI) 2.7

Willamette University (OR) 2.7

92. California State University--Hayward 2.6

California State University--Los Angeles 2.6

California State University--Sacramento 2.6

Iowa State University 2.6

Louisiana State University--Baton Rouge 2.6

Northeastern University (MA) 2.6

Pepperdine University (CA) 2.6

Rutgers State University--Camden (NJ) 2.6

Southern Illinois University--Carbondale 2.6

University of Central Florida 2.6

University of Louisville (KY) 2.6

University of Massachusetts--Amherst 2.6

University of Oregon 2.6

105. Boise State University (ID) 2.5

East Carolina University (NC) 2.5

James Madison University (VA) 2.5

Mississippi State University 2.5

San Jose State University (CA) 2.5

Seton Hall University (NJ) 2.5

University of New Mexico 2.5

University of North Carolina--Greensboro 2.5

University of San Francisco 2.5

University of Southern Maine 2.5

Western Michigan University 2.5

Wichita State University (KS)

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Hi guys!

I appiled to the MPA/MPP programs as well and got into GWU's MPP.

The school told me that they decided not to grant me any kinds of department fundings. :cry: but it will be really expensive, so I dont really know if I should go.

I guess the reason why GWU's MPP ranks so high generally cuz of its awesome location and hands-on networking opportunities.

Btw, I also got into Syracuse Univ's MPA and U of Minnesota-twin cities's MPP....

Any thoughts about these 2 programs? Syr/MPA only lasts one year and I guess it would be tough for me to find an internship during the study(I am an int'l applicant and would like to work in the states after my graduation if possible). But this program ranks 1st according to the US news...

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how long after you you received your acceptance did you hear about lack of funding at GWU?

I haven't gotten an acceptance packet yet, but I saw my decision posted online on 2/11. Should I expect to hear something back soon?

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hey..actually I e-mailed the GWU's mpp program director Catherine about my admissions result and she told me I have been accepted but still need the endorsement from the dean(normally the dean would follow the department's decisions), and the acceptance package will come to me soon. Then I asked her about the fundings but was told that no department $$$$$ for me....;((((...

when and how did you know your Gtown's application decision s pending? I appiled to its mpp program as well...but hearing nothing....whom did you contact? I e-mailed the admissions officer named Griffine..but no feedback ;((( i guess they have already **** me...sad.......

BTW...do you know anything about Syracuse/MPA and UMN-twin cities's MPP program????

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I received my gwu letter in the mail today and I didn't qualify for a fellowship/assistantship either. Does that mean no financial aid at all? Because I filled out my fasfa recently and figured that should help me out at least a little bit. right?

I only know that my Gtown decision must be pending since my app went complete on 1/22. I read on the website that they typically make decisions by the end of february or early march, which we are approaching. They said if we don't hear anything by then we should contact them. I just figured since I got my decision online for GWU, that I might receive something similar at gtown, since they both use applyyourself.

So don't lose hope. You should hear something fairly soon, and it could be great news!

I'm just grateful for GWU right now. location is a huge factor for me and this would set me up. Though more debt could certainly hurt me.

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Thank you for your informative responses...unknown scholar

I heard a lot that GWU is the kind of school that normally sends out a number of ADs(with no $$$ and I' ve seen several ppl got into their program this year also last year.), even though this applicant is below the average or didnt really fullfill the qualifications...this kinda makes me think that its a money-making school. So, I didnt make up my mind if I should go.

Besides, I dont really know what is the criteria of the GWU's financial aid. But I read on their website that basically the applicant who received the fellowships got at least 3.8 GPA.

Anyway...hopefully we both have good news on Gtown's MPP!

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Hmm...now I'm starting to wonder what GWU's MPP acceptance rate is. It has to be ridiculous. I also heard that they just generally do not give out many fellowships and assistantships, something like under 10 (I can't be sure of this though; I'm waiting to hear back from Matto so I'll let you know for sure), so if this is true, students are making it work somehow. Since this is my second choice, I'm going to hound them a bit to see if they can throw me some clues and tricks on how to afford their education.

Georgetown is super appealing right now because I was reading that it allows its MPP students to take classes in other departments, including the law center. This is great because I want to be able to state my case (again) at the end of the of the fall semester for a law school admission. That would just be perfect.

Oh and by the way, I'm sorry I didn't answer your questions about Syracuse and the twin cities. I'm not familiar with either program, I only know from the posted rankings and from word of mouth from a few people that Syracuse has the best MPP program in the nation right now.

Orange, what are your top choices for the MPP?

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Hi unknown scholar..thank you for the info. on Syracuse and Twin-cities.

My top choices for MPP is Gtown but I appiled to MPA too and hope I can go to schools in DC or NYC..either is ok. and BTW, I've just seen someone got into Gtown's mpp program but with no $$$$ and I heard that if the school really wants you, they'll let you know as soon as possible...

About the GWU, I've heard ppl saying its Gtown's waitlist school and Gtown is famous for its law school and MSFS(foreign service). But if you r a student from GWU, you can take classes in any school of DC, like Gtown, Au...etc., the same for Gtown and AU students.

Actually, syracuse only offers MPA, rather than MPP...and the us news said its the best public affairs program. But I dont really care about the rankings...my concern is their program only lasts for 12 months and not located in DC/NYC in which I might be able to find an intern. Plus, the student who is currently studying this program told me that the curriculum is very heavy and you dont even have time around to get an intern. So, i thought 2 years program in DC/NYC might be better for me?

BTW, did you apply to UCSD's MPIA?(pacific and int'l affairs). Its a great program too which integrates int'l affairs, business management and public policy. They have career tracks like int'l business, public policy and int'l dev and nonprofit.

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The rankings posted above from US News should be taken with a grain of salt. Those are the aggregate MPA rankings, not the MPP rankings. The closest rankings you can find that correlate with what an MPP should provide you are the US News MPA: Public Policy Analysis rankings.

Those looks like this:

1. University of California

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Thank you so much for the info, Paradox~

I really like Syracuse's MPA program but I am afraid 1 year program might be too short for me to find an intern/job after graduation. And I guess networking will help a lot with my job-hunting...so location becomes an almost decisive factor when I choose MPA/MPP programs. I am an international student and was told that " MPA/MPP + International student =unemployment". Is that true? Do u/anyone know the job placement of international students with TOP 10 MPA/MPP degree?

Actually I am currently working for the China's government and really confused that if I should quit this job and further my MPA/MPP study in the states. I'd like to work in NGO/consulting firms in the states after my graduation but dont know if the MPA/MPP will help me achieve my professional goals. I heard a lot from current MPA students/staffs that a number of international students ended up with coming back to their home countries/doing PHDs...

BTW...I was rejected by Duke/mpp last week...they told me that the program only recruited a limited number of students and it looks like they highly focuses on the econ. So, I guess there s big chance to get in if you have strong background in econ/stats. Good luck with your applications!

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From what I have heard GT has the prestige factor... Which when two schools are as closely ranked at GT and GWU it's a big factor.

GW sent me a similar letter, no funding, but I made it in. UofMaryland offered me a great funding package (at the end I'd pay $1,000 and living expenses to go there), but they were my backup school...

Georgetown sent me my email acceptance on the 13th of Feb...and then emailed me a few days ago, earlier today their scholarship committee met and they needed an additional essay from me to gauge my "interest" in Georgetown to see if I'd qualify from that.

Anyone know whats up with that?

I was honestly surprised I made it in there... I have an immense amount of internship experience, but no work experience which they stressed quite a bit.

Still waiting on responses from UChicago, UCLA and UMichigan (where I did my undergrad:) )... hopefully they will come soon... Georgetown was my 2nd choice though, so if I can pull funding I'll be very happy to go there.

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Georgetown sent me my email acceptance on the 13th of Feb...and then emailed me a few days ago, earlier today their scholarship committee met and they needed an additional essay from me to gauge my "interest" in Georgetown to see if I'd qualify from that.

Anyone know whats up with that?

That's odd... I got the scholarship e-mail several weeks ago which said the scholarship committee met two weeks ago!

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something tells me they do it in batches... Did you get a reply soon after?

That's likely... although I find it a bit odd when it comes to funding. What if you save a bunch of money for the last batch but the people in that batch aren't as deserving? Or what if you don't allot enough money for the last batch? Seems like they should make money decisions all at once.

But yes they gave me my funding offer exactly a week after I submitted my essay.

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I would agree... from what I can tell I received my email about admissions fairly early in the rounds... But who knows.

Argh, I hate the waiting game!

me too... Gtown is the only school i've heard from :(

good luck with funding!

i wonder how many people get full scholarships. Web site says funding can be up to full tuition...

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What do you guys think? What are the most selective programs?

WWS seems most most selective, followed by KSG. Then what? SIPA? How do Harris, GSPP, LBJ, GPPI, Ford, GW, Brown, Wagner etc. rank?

Almost impossible to tell. Some schools will boast very low acceptance rates per amt. of applications, but might not be that their applicants are better-they might just get more based on their reputation.

Some schools also go for different types of people. Over at the Ford school there are some Gtown rejects, and vice versa. Just means admissions at both schools have different standards.

Perhaps admitted student averages/means?

Although to be honest, I found programs from top 3 to 20 claiming almost identical gpa/gre/work experience... Some can be a touch lower (eg UMaryland vs Georgetown), but usually not by a huge amount...

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I doubt that SIPA is anywhere near the top for the MPA program. GSPP is highly selective. When I spoke to one of the admissions officers there a few months ago, she told me that they lose very, very few people to other schools. In the past year's pool of applicants who were given acceptance letters, only 1 or 2 opted for another school. From almost everyone I've talked to, Berkeley is the strongest for quantitative work and strength lies in the policy/economic analysis concentration.

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