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Seems like most CW people are over at the P & W boards and the MFA Blog. Apparently I felt I wasn't making myself crazy enough with those two forums, so I came to see if anything was happening over here.

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Just wanted to post a note of optimism:

i absolutely couldn't wait anymore to hear back from the Rutgers writing program... i sen them an e-mail, and they responded that they still haven't made their decisions yet, and we should hear by the end of March.

So there you have it... we're not out yet.

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I am BA (Hons) English student. Will be graduating in 2013. I want to apply for MFA Fiction after i graduate. Would like to start my ground work right away. Any tips or suggestions for improving my wriing skills? Right now I am only working on teen romance novels but planning to diversify in future. It would be helpful if one of you could mail me your accepted sample in any genre to teena87@gmail.com. Thanks.

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