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Fall 2023 Ms in Geography/URP Profile Evaluation (School recs wanted)


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Hello everyone!

I'm starting to apply to master's in urban planning and geography programs and I just wanted some honest evaluations of my profile. Please suggest universities and dept name with possible funding opportunities with my profile. I am mostly aiming for high/mid-high rank unis, but I'm curious about what this forum thinks.  

Student type: Bangladeshi Female
Bachelors in Urban Planning, from a reputed university of Bangladesh
(graduated May-2022)
Cgpa: 3.75
Toefl: 98 (R:23, L:24, S:27, W: 24)
Research interest: Urban analytics, spatial analysis, accessibility, transport geography, community development 

Research Experience:  Undergrad thesis in GIS + Started working as an RA right after graduation in an international interdisciplinary project
Publications: 3 intl conference, 2 journals under review
LOR: Hopefully 3 strong ones from thesis supervisor, research advisor and course teacher
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