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well, given that there's nothing in the Library Sciences Forum yet pertaining to Fall 2023 applications/admissions, i'm pretty skeptical of this thread becoming very active at this point. i suppose there's no harm in creating the topic anyway, though...

sidebar: it has just occurred to me that people might not even use GC as a main platform for this kind of forum anymore.... in which case, salutations to the void? idk. just please oh please don't tell me that everyone's migrated over to using Facebook and/or Twitter for MLIS-related chatter. i'm not on either of those platforms, and just the thought of potentially "having" to join either one in order to participate in an MLIS forum is like probably the biggest bummer I can imagine honestly.....


BUT i digress so will now likely proceed by just following the apparent template used in the previous years' iterations of this topic thread. (topic thread? is that a thing? i haven't been active in a forum since like 2015 and that one was in fact just another GradCafe one.... sooo feeling a bit like i don't know how to talk to people on the internet anymore? i'm sure that anyone who reads this definitely came for exactly this kind of ~relatable content~ though.)

i think i'll do that in a new post, however, as i'd really rather avoid being the weird rando posting like fully the equivalent of a novella in a forum where no one asked for it and where it's also highly unlikely that more than like 7-9 people will ever read it....



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