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Gilmore Girls and Grad School


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I'm a super Gilmore Girls fan, and just started re-watching the serious and something about it just reminds me of grad school. Does anyone agree? Any theories as to why? I think Rory is a good character for introverts (and if you're in grad school, there is a good chance you can relate to Roy's bookworm tendencies). Later in the seasons, she goes to college and is out of her realm a bit. Which feels like grad school all the time. 

Anyways, I hope some fans add to this thread. Suggest theories, episodes, etc, as it relates to grad school. 

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I was a huge Gilmore Girls fan back when it aired, and I get a similar vibe from the classroom scenes.  A lot of the classes were smaller, higher level critical thinking/open discussions, and it felt more like elective classwork than traditional undergrad academics. Many characters were involved in jobs, or activities that felt more like a job than an academic club i.e. the newspaper). It also helps that they dressed in something other than pjs 😄!

That being said, her experience was nothing like my grad school experience either, just closer to it.

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