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Mechanical Engg 2008


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Hey anyone got admits for MS or PhD in Mechanical Engg???

Admits: Clemson Univ :)

Rejects: OSU, MIT :cry:

Waiting: UC B, UC Davis, Pennstate, UW Madison, TAMU, Umich :?:

Area of research: Hybrid Electric Vehicle Design, Design of Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT), Study of scavenging efficiency of 2-stroke engines

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Hey Canuck,

Why do you say that we can expect a reject? Are the admit decisons already out?

Is it that always they send out admits out first and then the rejects?

I had applied for MS/PhD in Mechanical Engineering

I am from India and passed out of college in the yr 2005

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Hi got a reject from Pennstate yest

Waiting for UC Berkeley and UC Davis now...

No hopes abut UW Madison since my application is still incomplete for want of a Faculty Advisor.

Umich??? hmmm anyway I don think I can afford to study there without a funding which seems next to impossible.

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@ Wadhwa

Presently working in R&D of TVS Motor Company in the field of Hybrid Electric Vehicle design and Electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT) design...

Research interest: Sustainable Transportation

How abt yours?

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Hey all,

I am also still waiting for my UCB results to be out. The only reason makes me hope still is the fact that they may be waiting for some of applicants to deny acceptance after which they can offer to some few remaining in their waitlist. I dont really know if they have such a "waitlist" or so, but lets hope this is the case since its our last chance to get into it. By the way my research interest is in the field of CFD and Hydrodynamic Stability.

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thinktank?I think most of the univ. that you list here have sent out their decision. Ask the secretaries personally would be a better way to get the decision. I hate to say that, but I think most of the offer has been made. Chance is getting smaller with time goes. but good luck anyway

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Hey M still waiting it out for the Umich MS/PhD result...

Think some offers were made... but looking at the number I think more offers are yet to come...

Cos haven seen much admits yet...

Might be they are sending it out in batches...

Or waiting to see if any faculty could offer an RA :-)

hoping for the best

Pls go through the Umich Admits thread of "Admits for USA" Community in Orkut.com

There are many who apped to Umich Mech

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Hey guys. I applied for MS-Mechanical Fall-08 in the area of microfluidics. I have admits from TAMU, UFL, UMass-Amherst and U Cincinnati.

Now I need halp deciding b/w TAMU(no aid) vs UCin(UGS). However, I am keeping my options open until the last moment.


Can you give me some idea regarding the job scene in the biofluids area? The prof from UC who reviewed my app for the UGS aid is from the biofluids lab. So, if I go to UC, I will most probably be working in that field.

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