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  1. mechEgirl

    NSF GRFP: Who's Reapplying Next Year?

    If you got some Very Goods and Excellents and/or HM you should definitely reapply if you can. I have received HM twice in a row and actually got the NSF this year, as well as another (better) award. Make sure you keep what reviewers liked, think about getting rid of what they didn't, and try again next time. I received 1 good every year and on average had the best ratings last year, but this is the year I won it. I don't have any publications, just a few conference papers and poster presentations, so don't give up just because you haven't published. Just make sure you answer all the points in the prompt (whether your answer seems obvious or not), write in a clear and captivating way, and hope for good luck.
  2. mechEgirl


    I got HM with E/VG, E/VG, G/VG. The person that gave me a good contradicted everything the two excellents said making for yet another HM and no useful feedback.
  3. mechEgirl


    Yes, I found out too, but because I called to ask. What I meant was that they were going to "send an e-mail notifying" the applicants of their status. Clearly that never happened. It probably would have saved them a lot of headaches and a lot less people would have called/e-mailed in those first couple days to figure out what was going on. Instead, you had to actively seek information. Clearly they aren't so great at keeping us informed. That was my point.
  4. mechEgirl


    I feel like asking for them to update us with information on the timeline is a little too much to ask. . . seeing as how they never ACTUALLY informed us that we are in fact in limbo. They just left it for you to figure out.
  5. mechEgirl


    Lol, probably not. I just entirely made that up to explain the jump from 50(2006), 55(2007), 53(2008), to 41(2009). I can't imagine mechanical engineering become less important to the government. Though, It seems electrical had a similar drop in recent years w/o the hope of extra stimulus money 42(2007),36(2008), then 34(2009). So my hope probably isn't true.
  6. mechEgirl


    I like to hope that it's b/c if strings did come attached to the stimulus money, mechanical engineering proposals are usually more general and more likely to satisfy what-ever those strings might be. But that's just wishful thinking.
  7. mechEgirl


    If I remember correctly, there are about 10-15 less so far for mechanical engineering than in recent years.
  8. mechEgirl


    Pretty sure there was no limbo e-mail.
  9. mechEgirl


    Once the e-mails are sent out, it is posted online. They will know. I got e-mails from 5 profs congratulating me on honorable mention before I saw my e-mail informing me last year.
  10. mechEgirl


    Last year I had 3 reviews with 4 VG, 1G, and 1 E. I received honorable mention.
  11. mechEgirl

    Columbus, OH

    During the summer there are a few to choice from. I typically go to Grandview on weekends, though I believe the North Market is open year round. There is a Whole Foods right by campus, and a Kroger in Grandview that has a decent selection of organic food. If you make friends w/ someone with a car, there is a Trader Joe's about 20 minutes away in Easton Town Center (aka giant Suburban strip mall). As for a bike, I have a car but almost never use it because I live in Grandview right by West Campus. I am on the 84 bus line at Northwest and Chambers. There are a ton of grocery stores, fast food places, cleaners, etc in the area. You can either take the 84 to campus, just walk to west campus and take the campus buses, or ride your bike (about 15 minutes) when the weather is nice. The 84 takes you to the Lennox Town Center (PetCo, Target, Barnes&Noble, World Market, AMC movie theater, Old Navy, etc). You can also ride your bike the half mile to the Shops on Lane Ave (Whole Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ann Taylor Loft, etc). Depending on your stipend, roommates, etc, you could live in Colony Club (about 600 a month), Heritage (more expensive, not as nice, but allows pets), the Meridian (about 800-900 a month, but nicer), Drayton Court (even more expensive). I recommend looking on Craigslist or driving through though b/c there are a lot of For Rent signs in the area. Everyone that I know that lives in the area (somewhere between 5th and Lane to the West of campus) loves the location. Some apartments are nicer than others, but the convenience is amazing.
  12. mechEgirl

    NDSEG 2009

    My field is aero related, so definitely the NDSEG if I had a choice. As for my family, I'm pretty sure I'd get the "that's nice sweetie" that I usually get when I start speaking about what I do. According to my older sister, I make more efficient engines and my brother builds "super secret spy technology".
  13. mechEgirl


    I agree with cosby49. I had to call a school last year around this time to find out they had misplaced my application. After my 3rd call and "giving my application to the correct people", they finally just sent me a rejection. Check to see if other people have heard in the results search. I kind of ignored it thinking, "they just got to me last". . . bad idea.
  14. mechEgirl


    I never knew that people hacked in last year. That explains how my now adviser and 3 other people from my current University e-mailed me to congratulate me on Honorable Mention before I found out from NSF.
  15. mechEgirl

    Mechanical Engg 2008

    Imperial, nice choice. I haven't heard from Berkeley yet either. I'm wondering if they are waiting for NSF to come out before they reject everyone.

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