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Ed.M in Psychology Counseling at Teachers College Columbia vs. Master of Social Work at U of Toronto

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Hi friends, please help me decide between these two options: Ed.M at Teachers College, Columbia University vs. 2-year MSW at University of Toronto. I am an international student aiming to become a psychotherapist in either the US or Canada. I am aiming for permanent residency in one of the countries (personal and political reasons, lol). My background is in psychology and I have some social work experience (I was not expecting to get in UofT's MSW program, lol). I wish to pursue a PhD eventually in clinical or counseling psych, but after masters I would love to work a couple of years first. Some pros and cons: 

Research: The UofT MSW is a professional oriented program and opportunities of doing research is slim. I am currently affiliated with a counseling psych lab at TC. I am also hoping to audit undergrad classes in other areas and it seems that TC has more opportunities?? 

Money: UofT is a lot cheaper. International students can work full-time while studying in Canada but we can't in the US. Living cost is higher in NYC.

Relocating... I'm currently an NYU senior so TC is a lot more convenient in terms of building connections and keeping relationships. I would also need to apply for a Canada study permit which takes time (but can be done over the summer). 

Finding a job... UofT MSW has three semesters of practicum requirement and based on what I've read many students stay at their internship site. TC EdM has one year of supervised internship. From my research it seems a social work degree gives you more career options. I'm not sure which has more job opportunities.

Visa and immigration: I'm looking at Express Entry for Canada and it seems that with my background I would be able to obtain permanent residency 1-2 years after I graduate from MSW (provided that I actually find a job post graduation). In the US I would need to draw for a H1B visa and if after 3 years I still don't get it I would need to relocate to Canada. 

Licensure: I can become a registered social worker in Ontario after I graduate. I need extra hours under supervision and need to pass an exam to become a licensed mental health counselor in NY.

Reputation: TC has that Ivy name. UofT MSW is also top ranking. Ughhh.

Life and culture: I am currently studying in NYC and I love it here. I love Broadway shows I love the parks I love the subway system. But the cost is so high. I've heard that Toronto is like a smaller New York but my friends who have been to Toronto told me it's boring and cold. What is life like in Toronto? 

Personal: I have never been to Canada and frankly speaking I am lowkey scared of moving to yet another country. However I love traveling and culture and I am excited to have the chance to live in a new city. I want to get away from my home country (and family..) as soon as possible but I'm also scared that perhaps I would never be able to settle in Canada. I am really feeling at home here in New York, but the immigration policy in the US is hell. My parents want me to stay in New York out of their idealized American Dream and my dad thinks I just want to choose the "easy route" and escape to Canada out of laziness. I don't know. His words have been getting into my head. 

Please help me decide!! Thank you!!

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