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Wordle your SoP!


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I'm not going to go through the effort to post mine here right now, but I just realized this would have been a good exercise to do BEFORE submitting my apps - it made me realize that I may have overused some pointless words! A good way to check to make sure you didn't use the word "passionate" too much laugh.gif The word "opportunity" shows up relatively large on mine, I think I kept saying "it was a wonderful opportunity" and "I had the opportunity to..." over and over again! For some reason the word "something" also shows up pretty big, and I can't figure out why...tongue.gif

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I used Tagxedo instead. Much easier platform and it gives you a lot of flexibility, though it tends to separate words and I'm not sure how to fix that (Hip and Hop are lurking in there - maybe I should have used a hyphen). I'm thinking I should make a poster...these things are addicting!


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I love this thread - it's so fun to see everyone's SOPs! I was a bit wary of putting mine up for a while because I think it would be really easy to identify me from it... but now that this process is almost over that doesn't worry me so much, so here we go:


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