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MTS from HDS, what are my chances?


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Sorry, I know this is so cliche, but I'm scared I wasted time/money to get rejected by my dream school. I'm applying for MAs at HDS, YDS, and Chicago's Div School, but HDS is my top choice. Here are my stats/interest.

Undergrad: UChicago, graduated in 2023

Major: I triple majored in Classics, Religious Studies, and a sort of legal philosophy major (unique to Chicago)

GPA: 3.7 (this is what I'm most nervous about)

Thesis: Honors in Classics and RLST, advised by chair of a dept and another prof w dual appointment in Classics and Div school

Interest: Public religious ceremonies in the ancient world (particularly marriages, sacrifices, and funerals), both pagan and early Christian. Secondary interest in political theology/philosophy. I applied for the Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean subfield at HDS, the Bible or History of Religions subfield at Chicago, and the New Testament subfield at Yale.

Job: I currently work at a nonprofit theological institute at an Ivy League university (not Harvard or Yale). I teach non-credit classes to undergrads/grad students on theology/philosophy. This was a big part of my application bc it's also what solidified that I wanted to go into academia.

Goal: I want to teach ancient Mediterranean religion. I do not have interest in being a priest/pastor, hence not applying to MDiv programs or seminaries. I will apply to a PhD probably in Div or Classics after getting an MA.

Recs: My two thesis advs and one political philosophy prof who just really liked me.

Other stuff: I spoke with three profs from Harvard in the subfield I was applying to and all conversations went extremely well (one offered to advise me!). 

Concerns: I know the GPA isn't the highest. I didn't get Latin honors. I haven't published aside from undergrad journals. I don't have research experience with a professor. I'm also religious myself and I know sometimes Div schools think that clouds your ability to do serious scholarship.


Anyway, please give me your thoughts. I'm incredibly nervous that I haven't gotten an interview request yet, but I don't know if I'm going crazy. Any input??

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