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They want a phone call


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Probably an interview with your professor. Don't make the same mistake as I did! I received a similarly cryptic email and assumed there was something missing from my application. It turned out to be the interview and I was caught completely off guard.

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My preferred school (Ph.D. app) emailed me this morning and wants a phone call. They didn't say what we would talk about. What does it mean? I have no idea! I am now waiting for the phone to ring. Most nerve-wracking.

They are not calling you to delineate the numerous ways in which your application is unacceptable to them. :) It could be a range of things, from asking for clarification about something in your app to asking for an interview to offering admission. It's unlikely to be bad news, although it could be neutral - I hope it's good news!

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I think the invitation to establish further contact is a good sign--a sign that your POI/adcom is interested in your application and are impressed with your credentials and degree of fit. I agree with previous posters to prepare for it as an interview even if it may be just an informal conversation about your research interests. I read on the University of Florida psychology website that successful interviewing at the grad school level is characterized by "the three I's": Interested, Informed, and Inquisitive. That is, the best thing you can do is convey your interest in the program, know the program inside and out, and ask lots of questions (not to patronize you; you and other folks are probably already aware of this). And of course, maintain your composure and appear pleasant and sociable throughout. Nothing magical about it. Congrats!

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