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Does it mean you are rejected if there's no news until April 15?


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I've heard of some agreement between grad schools that's about "April 15" - admitted applicants should make final decisions before April 15.

So, does it mean that first roll decision will basically come before April 15?

And, does it mean you are rejected if there's no news until April 15?

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My guess is "not necessarily." If you've been waitlisted, you may not hear until after that. Also, this year, there's probably an extremely high volume of applications, so it'll probably take longer for them to process them.

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Students are required to notify schools of their intentions by April 15. It is conceivable that a candidate held out until the last day to decline an offer of admission. That would open a slot for a wait listed applicant. So you COULD get into a program you are wait listed on AFTER April 15th. I think that is probably rare, but I have heard it happens. Likewise, I've seen some rejections go out around April 12-14th or so on the results page. This to me indicates that these were wait listed applicants who were held in queue until the last minute when someone finally accepted an offer.

It sucks, but it is common for folks to receive several offers, but hold on to them to see if something better comes down the line. In the process, they hold up the entire process for everyone else. One of my referrers recommended that if I get multiple offers to decline any that I know I don't really want to go to asap and to make a decision by April 1st as to where I wanted to go so as to not hold up the process for everyone else.

At this point, I'll take one "ADMIT". As it is, I've got 5 rejects, 1 scheduled interview, 2 positive phone conversations with PhD coordinators and 0 admits. I guess the good news is that in 3 weeks this damn process will be over with one way or another.

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