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Hey Folks, I m an international student starting at Stevens in the Fall. I m Nigerian. Did my undergrad in NYC but didnt visit New Jersey much. I am looking for a cheap accommodation (Room, Studio or 1BR apartment) in the area not too far from campus. Please I need help as I might be arriving just a few days before classes start.

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Hopefully someone who goes to Stevens or who lives in Hoboken can give you more detailed info, but having been there many, many times you should realize that in general Hoboken is crowded and expensive just like the City is and it is going to be difficult to get cheap housing there. However if you were able to make do in the City in regard to housing then you can do so in Hoboken too.

If you're not dead set on living in Hoboken I would consider Bayonne. It's inexpensive, relatively nice, and you can take the light rail right into Hoboken. Do note though that Stevens isn't right by the light rail station (or the PATH train), I would guess it's a 15-20 minute walk.

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hoboken sucks.  its expensive and full of really obnoxious drunk people at all hours of the day.  as is downtown jersey city.  however, golden monkey is absolutely right about jersey city heights.  theres literally an elevator down the side of the cliff that you can take from hancock avenue that puts you right in hoboken at the light rail, and is the coolest/ most convenient thing ever.  rent in the heights is much cheaper and its pretty safe (especially on the other side of central ave, further from the elevator, where there is almost no crime).  you could definitely find a nice 1 br for about a grand, or for a little more get a 2 br with a roommate.  i grew up in the heights and its pretty well-connected to the city as well.  you can take an "immie" to port authority for $3 or take said immie to journal square and hop on the path.  definitely just search the north jersey craigslist and check it out.

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