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  1. Maybe, for an individual, if you live in Queens and are willing to walk a lot or even bicycle commute. Won’t be pleasant.
  2. I would like to chat with you about this. Please message me in Facebook: /hdavid.lester
  3. The answer to this question is multifaceted. If you can fund the Masters, either through personal savings or loans that you are willing to shoulder, then elect that route and write an excellent thesis, using this experience to determine the landscape in your specialty and develop a network as well as even better letters of recommendation. In that case, make your decision on program based on minimizing costs and maximizing fit with a particular faculty member. Contact candidates directly and explain your objectives. If they are not on board, or can't lend prestige or contacts to your cause, th
  4. Commencement on Friday

  5. Look, I may be out of line here, but maybe you should think out of the box at this point. Why don't you consider The Austin Center for Design? Jon Kolko is amazing and they are doing some really cutting edge stuff. Here is their website: http://www.ac4d.com/ If your dad could swing their 1-year program you'd have the opportunity to build an excellent portfolio of projects which might mitigate your GPA issues, and you'd be able to determine if you're heading in the right direction without any further "overextension." They are a for profit institution so they might be more flexible in their ad
  6. I just realized this wasn't the appropriate forum to post the above. My apologies. Anyone entering SIT graduate programs, sound off...
  7. Perhaps an informational interview with a seasoned practitioner like Jerome Miller http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jerome_G._Miller whose training was as a psychiatric social worker, not a clinical psychiatrist. However, he would be able to provide extremely valuable perspective and advice on correctional mental health. He is associated with: NCIA Augustus Institute for Mental Health 7222 Ambassador Road Baltimore, MD 21244 443.780.1300 phone However, he may work out of Northern Virginia. NCIA also has a satellite office in Brooklyn: 67 West Street 4th Floor, Room 1A Brooklyn, New Y
  8. Registered for classes.

    1. Andean Pat

      Andean Pat

      already? can we do that? I thought i had to consult first

    2. CageFree


      Every school is different. I didn't register until a month before school started... mainly because I didn't know what was going to be offered. We're not competing with undergrads anyway.

  9. Also, even if it isn't that informative, you could message the folks who posted to the thread and solicit their advice.
  10. Given ADLNYC's excellent suggestion, I wonder if there is an agreement between John Jay and the school I mentioned in my PM that allows cross-registration in graduate classes? If nothing else, the proximity might be facilitative.
  11. That sometimes things you won't even allow yourself to dream can--against all odds--occasionally come true. [Please don't hate me if that didn't happen for you; I certainly didn't think it would for me.]
  12. I intend to apply the degree listed below to the study and improvement of justice systems, but it's not in any way a criminology program. Close to several, though, so I might take some electives at Rutgers or John Jay.
  13. There are also Law and Society programs in Criminology Departments.
  14. Semester starts 8/26. Any suggestions on searching for housing for a family of five remotely from California, especially timing? Unlike many towns with universities, properties do not appear to be listed now for August. Is it even possible to do this without being on site? Also, any location suggestions welcome. Thinking Jersey Heights or Union City. Plus the kicker, one child entering 9th grade and private school not an option.
  15. I cannot address Human Factors specific information or departmental placement statistics. I can however confirm that you, as it stands, have made the right decision. Cost of living in Northern Virginia is quite high (I lived in Fairfax County from 2004-2007) and dirt cheap in Moscow, ID (where my sister lived in the late 80s/early 90s.) Any program is what you make of it. With the internet, your opportunities are much less limited than before the internet. If you want an internship with a defense contractor in Northern Virginia, once you're ready, make it happen, but until then live dirt che
  16. Achievement motivation and achievement behavior David McClelland of Wesleyan developed a theory called "need achievement." This did not occur in a vacuum as Henry Murray had previously outlined a taxonomy of human needs, one of which was the need for achievement. McClelland was interested in outlining why some people demonstrate higher levels of both achievement motivation and achievement behaviors than others. He framed it, as Murray did, as a learned motive, but added that it could vary based on the experiences of childhood based on culture, class, and parental attitudes. His approach was
  17. Wow, how exciting. Good things come to those...
  18. Here's the answer: http://www.cgsnet.org/ckfinder/userfiles/files/CGS_Resolution.pdf I was clued into it by another poster in another thread but couldn't find it after an exhaustive search on GradCafe...
  19. I have to respectfully disagree with this response, based upon some unusual history specific to Criminal Justice and Criminology as a field. There are only around 37 doctoral level programs in CJ/Crim but there are hundreds of CJ Masters programs out there due to LLEA (1968-1982) funding, and many of them are practice-oriented and have little to no capabillity to train in research based on primary sources. I am finishing my master's degree in Criminal Justice this semester. Every one of my CJUS professors was a JD, not a PhD, and while their advice was excellent, and the courses outstanding,
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