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ETS converted my old GRE scores to the new format


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I'd venture that my IQ is probably lower than my verbal score, tend to score pretty high on that and lower on math.

Completely agree with PP - if you've never seen the word, you can't possibly know the antonym. In the old version, it was luck of the draw. There were practice tests on which I knew every single word, test day, several I had never seen, obviously affects your score on a CBT. I imagine this is one of the reasons why they changed it to be less heavily based on vocabulary.

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For the sake of GRE test takers who stumble upon this thread looking for meaningful information on the conversion of scores and respective percentiles from the old GRE to the new GRE (i.e. before and after August 2011), or simply trying to figure out what your score means (i.e. what your percentile is, or how well you did compared to the pool of all other test takers from a given range of years), I'm simply posting a couple links that break this all down without forcing you to read through dozens of posts, many of which provide conflicting information (although I appreciate the posters who did contribute accurate information to the discussion).

"New GRE" score to percentile chart from ETS:


That PDF, and everything else, here:


Also, on a personal note: People need to relax about how their 9Z% rank is now a 9Y% rank, where:

  • Y < what your easily bruised ego can handle
  • Z < what MIT requires anyway for engineering graduate applications

Frankly, a minor change in a percentile is a fact that will apply to all scores henceforth, and therefore poses little disadvantage, or advantage, for anyone, if everyone is being judged on the same scale. (See the ETS docs linked above for clear explanations on all of this.)

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