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Listing other schools on applications...


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Hey all,

I'm sure this question has been asked on the board before, but does anybody know if it is a good idea to list the other programs to which you're applying on an application where the list is optional? It seems to me like listing comparable or better programs might hurt my application, but I really have no idea. Any thoughts?

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Do it anyway.

It's mainly for the DGS (director of grad studies) to see where they stand against other programs as a program, not trying to figure out if the applicant is really going to go elsewhere "better" or has "better fit". In other words, it's for records.

Professors are more likely to find out about your application to other schools through word of the mouth, especially if it's a VERY small field.

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From what I've been learning, top, competitive deparments are very concerned with who they are losing candidates to. Also, professors (especially younger, less established ones) definitely can be egg-faced when they fight to get a student in, who then opts to accept another offer...

My gut instinct is that the more they like an application, the more they care what other schools are listed on your application. I guess if that is the case, if it were to 'hurt' you, that would actually be a good sign!!

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