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Have you been convicted or currently under charge.... (2 B 1 C misdemeanors)


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I am applying for PhD programs in Biochemistry. Last week I was charged with possession of marijauna and drug paraphernalia--these items were in my vehicle (I was unaware) when I was pulled over for a speeding violation. Of course I am hiring an attorney to get these charges dismissed but with this happening so close to due dates, that won't matter much now. In most of my applications I am to address this and explain why I am in such a predicament.

Does anyone have any advice on how to approach this?

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You haven't been convicted.

Re-read the question on the app. It should say something to the order of "have you been convicted or pled guilty...".

Innocent until proven guilty still applies in this country.

So to any of these questions, check NO.

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