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Hi folks, hope all is well with you!

I wonder what you guys think of affixing a brief note to my transcript? I've written a very brief note regarding a few classes (the grading system for those classes was different than for the other regular literature classes, and the transcript itself does not explain this) and affixed it to the transcript as the last page of the transcript PDF. On the top I've written a little header that "this is not a part of the XYZ College transcript," and I wrote "Note" as well and signed my name at the bottom to make it super clear that I added this page. I can't find any specific rules forbidding or encouraging this kind of thing. What do you guys think?


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I might consider putting the note in a section for additional information instead, but I actually don't think it matters (not that I've tried to do such a thing before).

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I'm including a brief note about my undergrad transcript (a semester of Ws) but am only including that note on online applications where they have a spot that says "please explain weird issues, etc." I wish they all had that!

ETA: Nevermind re: writing sample cuts. Worked it out.

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